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This year, as SIOI, we are excited to invite you to our last incredible proposal: One Arctic!

One Arctic is the simulation that will challenge you in a way no other experiences has never done.
You will tackle the issues of the most vulnerable region on the Earth, which is affected by ongoing global warming and, furthermore, by economic exploitation. You will be in the first row as a Member State, as a Permanent Participant or maybe as an Observers of the Arctic Council, and you will be asked to formulate proposals for the best management of Arctic always taking into consideration the aims: fostering international cooperation, rising Arctic awareness and strengthening resilience.

Talented young participants as you across the circumpolar north and beyond will be attending One Arctic dealing with the most pressing priorities of the US chairmanship of the Arctic Council and being involved in the drafting of a final Youth Report.

On the basis of the Arctic Council system, the youth conference will consist of the Opening and Closing of the Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council, the Senior Arctic Official’s (SAOs) meeting and the Working Groups meetings (ACAP – SDWG – PAME – EPPR).

One Arctic will take place from 2nd to 5th of May 2017 and it will also include the participation of prestigious institutional representatives, professionals and experts who will support and challenge to bring out the best solutions to the negotiation.

We are sure you will seize this incredible opportunity to challenge yourself in a dynamic and innovative simulation of the Arctic Council.

The Arctic has never been so close to Rome!

Follow the Arctic fox… apply now!

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This week @UN_PGA appealed for nations…
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Per tutti coloro che sognano una carriera “spaziale” 🚀 c’è tempo fino a mercoledì 31 gennaio per candidarsi alle 💼 Borse di Studio 📖...

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#EUModelTorino is back and is recruiting Chair, Vice-Chair and Commissioner! 🇮🇹️🇪🇺️

From 26 to 29 March 2018, 150+ italian and international students will gather in...

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⛱ Anche sotto l'ombrellone... #Orientiamoci 🗺🔍

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ONE ARCTIC - The Story

Enjoy the best moments of the first international simulation of the Arctic Council in Italy.

Thank you all for...

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