– Between the ages of 17 to 30
– Good command of spoken and written English


• Regular Registration: € 150
• MSOI member/SIOI Alumnus/ROMUN participants: € 80Delegation (a group of at least five students from University):
• From 5 to 10 students: € 80 (per person)
• More than 10 students: € 50 (per person)

The Conference fee includes:
• Access to conference venues
• All conference materials
• Social events
• Certificate of participation

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ONE ARCTIC will enforce the following rules of conduct:

Name Badges
Delegates must wear their name badges at all times; they are the only identification recognized by the ONE ARCTIC staff and other officials. Badges must be kept visible at all times.

Illegal Substances & Smoking
Any delegate found in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs will be barred from the conference and sent home immediately.

Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment is prohibited. The conference defines sexual harassment as:
Unwanted sexual advances that may take the form of inappropriate sexual or suggestive comments, sounds or jokes; unsolicited touching or fondling; unwanted intercourse or assault; Unwelcome requests for sexual favors; and such conduct that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s academic or work performance, or of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational, social, living or working environment.
Incidents of sexual harassment should be immediately reported to a staff member.

Delegates must obey instructions from any advisor or conference staff member, both inside and outside of committee sessions.

Laptop/Cell Phone Policy
Delegates are NOT permitted to use cell phones during the conference. Laptops will be allowed at ONE ARCTIC for the sake of conference-related work. SIOI/UNA-Italy is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Delegates are responsible for their own trash. After each committee session, each delegate is to clean his/her own area before leaving the room.
Meeting Room Use
Delegates must respect the meeting rooms and furniture provided at all times. Delegates found writing on tables or chairs will be immediately removed from the conference. Delegates may not bring food into the committee rooms.



All delegates at the conference must adhere to the following dress code.
As a general rule, delegates must be dressed in Western business attire. Traditional dress is welcome.
Delegates who are not dressed appropriately will not be allowed in the conference rooms.

A suit always looks professional and is the best option.

Shirts & Tops
Males must wear a collared button-down shirt. Females may wear a blouse, sweater or button-down shirt. No T-shirts.

Pants & Bottoms
Slacks and suit pants are acceptable, preferably in dark colors. Females may wear skirts but should also wear pantyhose or tights. Skirts should not be more than two inches above the knee. No jeans or shorts.

Females may wear high-heels or dress flats. Open-toed shoes must be professional. Males should wear dress shoes. No sneakers or flip-flops.

Jewelry & Piercings
If you have piercings on your face that is not for cultural purposes or that is on your ears, it is best to remove the rings or studs during the conference for a professional presentation.
Farewell Gala Dinner
Deelegates are asked to wear creative black tie

The ONE ARCTIC Organizing Committee reserves the right to dismiss any participant from the conference due to violation of any regulation.

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