Giada Dionisi


Edoardo Morgante (Italy)

Since I first heard about Marshall McLuhan’s concept of the global village, when I was still a child, I found it truly fascinating. It was a revolutionary idea at the time when it was conceived in the 1960s. Today, his idea of an electronic nervous system integrating the whole planet is a reality thanks to enormously powerful technological innovations, particularly in the field of communication, such as the Internet, mobile phones, and live video-chat.
Human kind has never been so interconnected. On one hand, this new condition brings an infinite number of new possibilities and opportunities for many of us, while a substantial part of the world population still struggle to survive day by day. On the other, it multiplies the risks and dangers of human activities. Global warming and the increasing levels of pollution in most of our metropolis are just the tip of an iceberg that threatens to wipe our species off the Earth sooner than we might imagine. The famous quote by John Maynard Keynes stating that “in the long run we are all dead” does not seem to apply anymore: whatever it will be, it may arrive well within our lifetime.
Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons – as well as lesser known types – aside, human beings seem to have not yet learnt how to live peacefully and in a sustainable way. Too busy striving towards other targets, often with mutually destructive approaches, we have not yet found a shared path capable of inspiring new generations, making them feel that the future ahead is brighter and happier than the past and it always will be. Our goal should be to grant everybody access to nutritious food, valuable education and clean and affordable energy while reducing inequalities both between countries and inside them. We are the generation in charge of driving this epochal change. It is our responsibility to find a solution to the challenges that have always been part of the human condition and that now ought to be addressed without any further procrastination. It is paramount that we understand that this shall be our number one priority, since we are now at a critical point, closer both to the solutions and to self-destruction than never before.
A youth conference simulating the United Nations Organisation, as faithful and innovative as possible with a strong focus on the SDGs and the Post-2015 Development Agenda at this temporal crossroad for the international community, is a unique opportunity for getting priceless first hand experience and contributing to this fundamental effort.
Dear delegates and participants to ROMUN2015, you have a real chance to participate in human enhancement through the only worthwhile way: dialogue and mutual understanding. Don’t miss it, make it count!

ROUNDTABLE 1 (University Division)


Ending hunger and achieving food security to eradicate poverty and ensure healthy lives


Célia Pellet (France)

My name is Célia. I’m 19, and currently studying Political Science in my hometown Grenoble (France).
Like a famous French cartoon character, I feel into the cauldron of MUN as a child, and have been hooked ever since. For me, a conference is a short but intense gathering of inspired and inspiring people. The skills developed and the knowledge imparted makes us grow into better human beings. MUNs give me hope in my generation and in our future as a united world.
I chose ROMUN for its uniqueness. This year is key to the century: as the UN celebrates its 70th birthday the time has come to evaluate the MDGs and to think even bigger for the years to come. As a Chair, this conference is an opportunity to work with delegates towards designing a new path for the United Nations.
ROMUN 2015 is innovative. Being a delegate in a roundtable will offer everyone a chance to engage in the great challenge that are the Sustainable Development Goals. You will encounter new cultures, new ways of thinking and learn from each other. ROMUN 2015 has an aim and it promises to be a remarkable experience.

Anas Chihab (Morocco)

Coming soon...


Ursula Liliam Castillo Guevara (Peru)

I’m from Lima, Peru, and I study International Relations at La Sapienza University of Rome, I’ve recently extended my studies in the field of International Business and Economics at the University of Oxford. Since I started university I’ve held a wide range of roles within Model UN’s and recently this year I served as an Instructor at WFUNA Youth Camp Korea teaching the main themes of the UN SDGs. I’m passionate about International Law, I have followed up this passion with an specialization on Protection of Human Rights. The principal passion that unites all my international studies is MUN. The multicultural environment I found in each conference makes me feel like an active global citizen. We found ourselves in a crucial time of the individuation of the Post 2015 Development Agenda and it’s of extreme importance that we all contribute in the creation of the MDGs. During ROMUN we’ll have the opportunity to talk about the Future We Want, and together, we’ll build the steps that should be taken within the next 15 years, as global, responsabile, citizens of the world. I’m looking forward to participate with you all in this historic process and deliver to the UN our “Youth Road Map”.

Federico Palmieri (Italy)

Hi! I’m Federico and I’m from Turin, Italy, where I’m attending the last year of my BA in International Relations. In the last three years, I’ve attended several MUNs and for me it was love at first sight: I love MUNs because they make us students put into practice the subjects we study and they give us the opportunity to challenge ourselves in unusual situations, such as making thinking on your feet, public speaking and performing under pressure. That’s why every high school and university student interested in international affairs and global issues should take part in ROMUN2015: it’s a unique opportunity to exercise your skills, apply your knowledge and enjoy the international atmosphere of one of Europe’s most charming capitals. I have taken part in ROMUN as a delegate in the past and it was an exciting experience: joining the Secretariat as Rapporteur is going to be even more so, and I’m sure that this year’s edition is going to be the greatest ever held. Can’t wait to meet you all in Rome in October!

ROUNDTABLE 2 (High School Division)


Promoting and respecting human rights, lifelong education and gender targets


Ines Vera Jardim Galamba De Oliveira (Portugal)

My name is Ines, I am a Portuguese economics undergraduate at Exeter University in the UK and I am going to be co chairing Roundtable 2 this year. I started doing MUNs about a year and a half ago and I will be running our University MUN club this coming year. Since I started debating I have been to a few conferences in the UK but never outside; this is the main reason I applied to ROMUN, as well as the topic, which is really great: I have done some work when it comes to gender equality and one of my areas of interest is development economics, so it all ties in a little bit.
I consider myself a really easy going person, I love football (yes, girls can like football), and I am really looking forward to the conference, I think it is going to be really international and that is always fantastic. From what I have seen, everyone is putting a lot of work into this and it should turn out great!
Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like, anything really, preference given to delicious cake recipes, cute pet pictures and good jokes: a smile never hurt anybody.

Marlish Ratnakumar (Sri Lanka)

Hello there! My name is Marlish and I am about to finish high school in Sri Lanka. I hope to major in molecular and cellular biology while minoring in international relations. I love music and playing instruments.

Debating, diplomacy and foreign relations is what drives me crazy. During my leisure time I read articles on geopolitical events and engage in discussions with my friends. However I also have a soft spot for travelling and photography. Another interest of mine is mobile phones. I am a fan of smartphones and I keep myself updated on the latest news on Android and other operating systems.

I have been a delegate twice and I loved it. I do MUNs due to the fact that it enables me to meet a lot of new people with different ideas and improve my skills, which has helped me become a better person. It has also helped me prepare myself to move into the corporate world. My experience gained through MUN is vast and I hope to learn more at ROMUN this year.

I’m a very open minded and a chilled out guy, so while working with me I’m pretty sure you would have loads of fun with me.


Caterina Milo (Italy)

I’m Caterina and I’m a 20-year-old second year law student at Federico II University in Naples, Italy, which is also where I’m from. My past experiences include the G(irls)20 Summit and GCIMUN and in every occasion I’ve felt that this kind of exposure to different cultures is incredibly inspiring! I like MUNs because they’re an occasion to broaden one’s formal knowledge, but also a time of personal growth. ROMUN2015, moreover, is an incredible opportunity and I’m glad to be part of it. This conference takes place in Italy, which is not only a beautiful country, but, thanks to the Expo, is now at the center of the attention when it comes to topics such as food security. Nonetheless ROMUN2015 has a really diverse international background which is clear just by looking at the Secretariat: people are coming from all over the world, paving the way for a really enriching experience.
I strongly encourage you to apply to be delegates: it will be an occasion to discuss topics you’re interested in, test your leadership and public speaking abilities, meet new people who share a passion with you and, last but not least, it’s a chance to visit Rome!

Shiv Singh (India)

My name is Shiv Singh, I’m 21 years old, and I was born and brought up in Goa, India. I recently graduated in Commerce (B.Com) from the University of Panjab and I’m currently studying for a Bachelor’s in Law from The Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. I’m a state level (Goa) footballer, compulsive scrabble player and my love for J.R.R. Tolkien’s fiction is borderline neurotic.
I first started MUNs in 2011, and ever since I’ve found myself addicted. For me, they offer an opportunity to interact with people who think on an entirely different level and who are from diverse yet comprehensible backgrounds, and I enjoy the global dimensions of the politics involved.
I believe Model United Nations conferences are platforms that offer a plethora of opportunities, in terms of personal growth and character, to the global cohesiveness and understanding of society.
Roma MUN promises to be an inspiring conference, with an international group of participants from every continent. What really attracts my attention are the people and organisations involved, as well as the agendas which are deep rooted to every social sphere.
If you’re someone who is looking for a motivated, stimulating and productive debate, see you in Rome!

ROUNDTABLE 3 (High School Division)


Making stronger decisions on climate change. Let’s save the Arctic. New chances for regions, oceans, seas


Juliane Jokinen (Finland)

My name is Juliane and I am currently the Secretary General of United Nations Association Estonia and Member of the Board. I currently work and study for my MBA in Tallinn, Estonia. However, I am not Estonian but half Finnish and half German. Most of my life I have lived in Belgium.
What I like most about MUNs is that they are a social, interactive and fun way to learn about the functions of the United Nations, public relations, public speaking, debating, research and social skills. MUNs give young and intelligent people the opportunity to learn during a short period of time skills that usually would take many years. I personally enjoy the most to see how these young, proud people develop during a Model UN into real professionals.
The reason why I chose to participate in ROMUN 2015 is that it is known as the oldest Model UN organised in Rome and it has an excellent reputation of being very unique with a high level of expertise. This is why one should apply to be a delegate at ROMUN 2015 to have a truly excellent and unforgettable MUN experience.

Mahip Singh Sikarwar (India)

My name is Mahip Singh and I am currently pursuing an honors’ in Corporate Law, from National Law University in India. Founder and President of the International Law Society and MUNSoc of my university, I am one riveting personality, perpetually on the lookout for some adrenaline rush.
I conform to the ‘Work hard Party harder’ creed and that’s exactly what I do in MUN’s. An incredible platform to learn, advance your leadership and rhetoric skills, socialize and travel, MUN is the most professionally adequate culture for them all (or an academic pretext to an escapade).
The unique and novel format of ROMUN 2015 coupled with the immaculate and perfectly structured organisation of the event propelled me to be a part of this phenomenon and to witness this pageant myself.
With an experience of more than 40 National and International MUN Conferences, an engaging Executive Board member who gives precedence to a coherent and intelligent debate than to rules of procedure, I would like to assert that ROMUN 2015 is not just any other MUN; it’s a spectacle not to be missed. Put your debating caps on and come, be a part of this phenomenon.


Barbare Asanidze (Georgia)

My name is Juliane and I am currently the Secretary General of United Nations Association Estonia and Member of the Board. I currently work and study for my MBA in Tallinn, Estonia. However, I am not Estonian but half Finnish and half German. Most of my life I have lived in Belgium.
What I like most about MUNs is that they are a social, interactive and fun way to learn about the functions of the United Nations, public relations, public speaking, debating, research and social skills. MUNs give young and intelligent people the opportunity to learn during a short period of time skills that usually would take many years. I personally enjoy the most to see how these young, proud people develop during a Model UN into real professionals.
The reason why I chose to participate in ROMUN 2015 is that it is known as the oldest Model UN organised in Rome and it has an excellent reputation of being very unique with a high level of expertise. This is why one should apply to be a delegate at ROMUN 2015 to have a truly excellent and unforgettable MUN experience.

ROUNDTABLE 4 (University Division)


Green economy and smart cities for a sustainable future


Claudia Sofia Negri Ribalta (Chile)

My name is Claudia and I’m a Political Science student from the Potificia Universidad Católica de Chile. I participate in MUNs, because I think they are the perfect opportunity for students to learn about international organization and community, international politic, and understand that respect and tolerance are essential.
I choose to participate in ROMUN, because I wanted to attend to a MUN outside Latin America and I found that the topics were innovative. In my country, currently, there are no MUNs, so the only way to take part in one is traveling. Attending to a MUN outside my continent, will give me a new perspective on this activity and allow me to gain new skills. I personally choose roundtable 4, as I live in one of the most polluted cities in the world so I found myself identifying with the topic.
I encourage students to participate in ROMUN2015, as the subjects of the different roundtables are pioneering. We will be discussing several issues, such as sustainability, development, technology, food security, among others. All of this topics are pushing the Sustainable Development Agenda and are core for our future. I hope to see you all in October!

Tomas Ocampo (U.S.A.)

Hello there, I am Tomas! I’m from Southern California, USA, and I love Model UN (sometimes more than pizza). Getting to be a delegate for the last five years has been amazing. Not only has there been lots of pizza, I’ve been President of two MUN teams at the universities I attended, served as a Chair, Director and Secretary-General of several local conferences, and enjoyed getting to organize them. It is a lot of fun making great conference experiences for new delegates, helping them learn new skills in leadership and team work, and really making a difference in their life (and providing great pizza of course). I am serving as a Chair in ROMUN for just that reason: it’s a chance to help other students learn about making a difference in the world and gaining skills which will lead them to making a difference. If you want to learn skills in public speaking, leadership, working with others, negotiation, and drafting great solutions with the potential to help millions around the globe, if you want to make new friends, and travel to a great city in Europe, I encourage you to apply for ROMUN 2015!


Kara DeSanna (USA)

Hello everyone, my name is Kara DeSanna. I am elated to be a part of ROMUN with such an amazing and diverse group of participants. I have been involved in Model UN for almost 10 years as both a delegate in high school and a staff member in college. I love Model UN because it has given me the opportunity to learn about so many important issues and, in the process, taught me how to be a global thinker. In addition to my MUN experience, I work and attend graduate school at Stony Brook University in New York. I received my BA in History and Political Science from Stony Brook in 2014. I cannot wait to meet all of you soon!

Imran Ahmad Ali (India)

My Name is Imran Ahmad. I am from Chandigarh , India. I am currently pursuing my LLB from Department of Laws, Panjab University, Chandigarh after Doing my Bachelors in Commerce and Honours in Financial Accounting. I’ve always been a student who’s been outside class rather than inside it. Extracurricular activities have always been of a lot of interest to me and probably that’s why I currently head my school’s alumini institution. I’ve been associated with Model United Nations since 2008. I’ve participated in about 35 MUN’s till now.
For me the days of the conference are surreal. It helps me step into the shoes of someone today, that I would want to be tomorrow. It makes you feel that you can really bring a change – and isn’t that really the meaning of life? Bringing a change for those who really need it.
2015 being such an important year with respect to the MDG’s there could be no better time to have a conference. Romun 2015 apart from being a world renowned conference will be a great platform to interact with people from all over the world considering the fact that just the secretariat consists of people from 17 countries which will allow a global exchange like none other. Can’t wait to see you all!

ROUNDTABLE 5 (University Division)


Investing in Space, developing rural infrastructures and promoting high communication technologies


María Gómez de Olea Henríquez de Luna (Spain)

I am Maria, a third year Economics and Politics student at the University of Exeter. I am from Madrid (Spain). I think MUN’s are great way to increase awareness on international issues. They are also a great way to meet people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. I chose to apply to ROMUN because the committee structure will enable delegates to attain high levels of discussion and come up with innovative ideas and solutions for the conflicts and issues in question. I think people should apply to ROMUN because of the topics that the conference will cover as part of the end of the Millennium Development Goals and the beginning of the Sustainable Development Goals but also because it takes place in one of the most amazing cities in Europe.

Haziq Masood (Pakistan)

Hello, Rome! My name is Syed Haziq and I am a (proud) citizen of Pakistan. I graduated from the Lahore (Yes, Lahore) School of Economics in April, 2014, completing my BSc. Honors Double Majors in Economics and Finance. Currently, I am working as a Research Analyst at a software firm.
MUNs and I, for the past eight years, got along quite well; we’re pretty much friends with benefits. All sorts of benefits, that is. The essence of MUNning, to me, is to focus on each and every minute detail; both within and outside the committee room. Don’t see. Observe! Don’t listen. Interpret! Don’t do either of these if you’re not making any sense, though.
I have served as a chair for over 15 MUNs including three international conferences and have enjoyed being a delegate at over 25. This will be my first time as a Rapporteur and I’m extremely excited to be a part of the conference.
Here’s my little piece of advice. International experiences like these groom you a lot as a diplomat and as a person in general. Be a part of ROMUN ’15 and learn about different people, about different cultures, about the essentials of United Nations; but most importantly, about yourself. Let’s make this happen. October awaits us.


Karla Ciccia

My name is Karla Ciccia. I recently graduated with a double major in International Relations and Communications. I will be pursuing a Masters in International Business law at Tsinghua University in Beijing next year. Currently, I’m in Rome as an intern at SIOI. I’m excited to take the position of Rapporteur, as this will be my first experience serving as a Secretariat member. I am confident of this Team, as we are all diverse young leaders, ready to serve with excellence.

Angel Versetti (Russia)

Hey all, my name is Angel and I’ll be chairing Roundtable 5. In a nutshell, I work as Project Associate at World Resources Forum, where I manage project FREE, which focuses on Financing for Resource-Efficient Enterprises – sustainable businesses and SMEs which improve resource usage and recycling. I am also managing a Venture Capital Fund Versetti Ventures, which focuses on investment into innovative technology startups in Switzerland. Thus innovation is of particular interest to me, both personally and professionally.
I decided to attend ROMUN, because it’s Rome, the topics are amazing and it’s an awesome conference – what could be a better combination?
Looking forward to meeting everyone in October in Rome!

ROUNDTABLE 6 (University Division)


Promoting learning opportunities and providing full and productive employment for all


Fury Jain (India)

I am Fury from Chandigarh, India. I am 19, and currently pursuing my B.A LL.B from the Army Institute of Law, Mohali. With international relations and law holding professional interest for me, I also enjoy Parliamentary Debates and Moot Courts. On the leisure side, I like Punjabi folk music, dancing, reading and cooking.
I have been associated with MUNs for the past 5 years now. ROMUN 2015 combines my love for policy making, penchant for debates, and passion for travelling. I believe MUNs are irresistible, even addictive. A great source of gaining knowledge, public speaking experience and honing interpersonal skills, I am happy to see that MUNs are fast catching up on today’s generation and believe that the youth is all set to be the catalyst for change, and to bring about a much needed social revolution. I consider it a distinct honour to be appointed as the Chairperson for Roundtable VI at ROMUN, and look forward to a mutually enriching experience.

Pablo Armando Aguilar Reyna (Mexico)

I am a Liberian by nationality and a student studying General Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Marrakech Morocco. I work on loads of youth led projects in and out of Morocco. I am the Founder and current president of the largest MUN society in Africa and the Middle East called The North Africa International Model United Nations. MUN is my life. I do around 20 or more MUN events in various universities a year in Morocco. I like to see young people debating on topics of their choice, topics that serve as obstacles to their lives and most of all proposing solutions to those pressing issues. ROMUN offers you the chance to directly experience the challenges that come with addressing global problems, to put your public speaking skills to the test and to enhance your debating and lobbying abilities. Most of all, ROMUN gives young people from all around the globe the opportunity to establish new contacts, share practical experiences during and after the event, thereby enhancing information sharing and problem solving around the youth participation in MUN.


Giuseppina De Marco (Italy)

I am Giuseppina, an Italian law student at the Alma Mater Studiorum-University of Bologna and I am one of the two rapporteurs assigned to Roundtable 6. I am originally from Paestum, a village located in in the South of Italy, but I moved to Bologna two years ago. Here, driven by my passion for MUNs, I had the idea to establish the AlmaMUN Society, a MUN club recognized by the athenaeum. I strongly believe that MUN conferences are intense, formative, fun and unforgettable moments of a student extracurricular path. MUNs are forum of discussions among young people from all around the world and a chance to test your knowledge of international law and politics and your public speaking abilities. I decided to apply to be part of the Secretariat of ROMUN 2015 because, more than other conferences, it voluntarily puts young people’s ideas at the core of the simulation. Indeed, during the conference delegates will have the chance to discuss the post-2015 agenda from their point of view bearing always in mind the country they represent of course, but never putting aside their ideas and hopes for the future of the world they want: your voice will really find a megaphone at ROMUN 2015!