The ROMUN Media Team Is Embarking On A New Adventure!

5 Ottobre 2016

If you attended ROMUN last year, you probably remember them: they were the funkiest, craziest and most fun team of them all. But this did not mean they weren’t taking their jobs seriously: au contraire. The whole team did an amazing job, shared an important experience, had lots of fun and empowered their media and communication skills. Together, they were: interviewing delegates, chairs, rapporteurs and special guests; reporting on every significant occurrence; keeping social media pages lively and rich in content and keeping track of the work towards the adoption of the “Youth Road Map”.

Well, guess what? They are back.

This year, the ROMUN Media Team is gathering again to embark on a new and special ROMUN event (and they will not stop until they have scoured the FAO for every piece of big news and reported every single bit of it). It’s #ZEROHackathon.

But first, let us give you one big piece of news: they are hiring!

The Media Team is currently looking for volunteers interested in building on their media, communication and reporting expertise in the occasion of an international event. As you will see, #ZEROHackathon can be a unique opportunity for young students to empower their skills and enhance their expertise in digital communication and new media.

Apply early and get to choose the field in which you feel better experienced!

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