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United States Embassy to Italy

The U.S. Embassy to Italy conducts diplomatic relations with the Republic of Italy and coordinates the activities of all U.S. Government personnel serving in Italy.

Bilateral cooperation includes political, economic, commercial, defense and security, educational, and exchange activities. The Embassy and Consulates General also provides consular services, including visas for visitors to the United States and passports and other services for United States citizens in Italy. Lewis M. Eisenberg of Florida is the new U.S. Ambassador to the Italian Republic, and the Republic of San Marino.

Royal Norwegian Embassy

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Italy works to further strengthen the excellent bilateral relations between Norway and Italy. The main areas of these bilateral relations are political, economic, commercial and cultural cooperation.

The Embassy also provides services for Norwegian citizens in Italy, which include consular services and arranging weddings at the Embassy every week. Margit F. Tveiten is the current Norwegian ambassador to the Italian Republic, Republic of Malta and Republic of San Marino.

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