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Italian Society for International Organization
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La Società Italiana per l’Organizzazione Internazionale (The Italian Society for International Organization) – SIOI was created in Rome on October 4, 1944 upon the initiative of a group of authoritative personalities of the cultural and political world inspired by the common ideal enshrined in article 1 of its Statute “of spreading the knowledge of international policy problems with a view to contributing to a fair and peaceful set-up of the international community, to the European unification and the dissemination of knowledge and protection of human rights”. Its activity was supported and encouraged by the government. The then Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alcide De Gasperi, proposed its prompt adhesion to the World Federation of the United Nations Associations (W.F.U.N.A.), which was being established. Therefore – considering that Italy was not yet a U.N. member state - SIOI was a first Italian link with the above mentioned world organization.

Since its creation SIOI has established its seat in the prestigious Palazzetto di Venezia and has become part and parcel of the Rome cultural scene.

The Honorary President is Giorgio Napolitano, the President Emeritus of the Italian Republic. The President is Franco Frattini, former Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Vice Presidents are Prof. Luigi Ferrari Bravo, Prof. Umberto Leanza and Amb. Riccardo Sessa. The Secretary General is Ambassador Marcello Salimei. The Director General is Dr. Sara Cavelli.

Important personalities in the academic and diplomatic world have been at the head of SIOI, they have contributed to the development of an international spirit, and to the diffusion of liberty and democracy in the International Community: Prof. Dionisio Anzilotti (1944-1947), Amb. Niccolò Carandini (1948-1962), Prof. Roberto Ago (1963-1992) and Amb. Umberto La Rocca (1993-2011).