Building on the concept of Model UN, ONE ARCTIC is a simulation of the Arctic Council intended to give students the possibility to play a leading role in the conducting and decision-making of one of the most advanced intergovernmental forum, following the mechanism of negotiations and the official rules of procedure.

“One Arctic” engages students aged 17-30 across the circumpolar north and beyond in a collaborative educational experience that will be held at SIOI premises from 2nd to 5th of May 2017. Participants representing Member States, Permanent Participants, and Observers of the Arctic Council, are asked to formulate proposals for a well-managed Arctic marked by international cooperation, rising Arctic awareness, strengthening resilience of multiscales changes, addressing the rapidly changing climate, improving a safe and secure use of the Arctic resources.

Only those who demonstrate a deep understanding of the Arctic issues and policies, outstanding public speaking, diplomacy, negotiation, and deliberation skills, and prove their leadership abilities, will be awarded Best Delegates.