“The creativity, energy and passion of young people are indispensable for tackling global challenges. An important mechanism for the participation of young people in the work in the United Nations is the Youth Delegates Programme. It creates civic role models for young people around the world and brings new perspectives to discussions in the General Assembly.”
Ban Ki-Moon- UN Secretary-General

UN Youth Delegates (YDs) are young people who officially represent the interests of the youth of their country at the United Nations. They are selected to accompany their government’s diplomatic delegation to the UN meetings.

The underlying principle of youth participation in the work of the United Nations is that it leads to better policy and programmatic responses to the problems facing young people today. The United Nations recognizes that young people around the world are both a major human resource for development and key agents for social change, economic development and technological innovation. The inclusion of young people in official delegations to intergovernmental meetings not only enriches the debate and policy dialogue, but also strengthens existing channels of communication and cooperation between Governments and young people. Moreover, upon return to their home countries, youth delegates often promote continued progress in the development and implementation of youth policies at the national level and encourage other young people to participate more fully in the development of their communities and nations.

Including UNA-UNYA Youth Delegates in the Italian government delegation to the United Nations General Assembly will make Italy one of the successful cases of implementation of the United Nations Youth Delegate Programme, and will confirm the Italian full commitment to the work of the United Nations, not only as a 60 years long Member States, as re-elected member of ECOSOC and as non-permanent member to the United Nations Security Council, but also as a promoter of youth at UN level.


Selection for the year 2019-2020 are open!
Information on how to submit application are available on SIOI website and Social accounts.
Apply now!!!
  • Eligibility criteria:
    • Age: 18 – 29
    • Italian citizen
    • Language: Fluency in Italian and English languages. Knowledge of any other official languages of the United Nations (Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese) is very desirable but not a must. Enclosing copies of official language certificates, such as TOEFL, IELTS, DELF/DALF, DELE etc. are very welcome
    • Education: Graduates as well as students can apply. Candidates should have passed exams/tests on International Law and UN system and/or should have interned for UN or the Italian Diplomatic missions
    • Relevant experience: Participation at SIOI activities (preferential requisite)
    • Experience of working/volunteering/interning in youth organizations (ex. UNYA – Italy!);
    • Professed interest in international relations, youth policy and the United Nations in particular;
    • Important note: even though BA or MA degree in International Relations/Political Science is desirable, students from all educational backgrounds are encouraged to apply
    • Ideal Candidate
    • Interest in United Nation system and actions, international affairs, civic engagement, youth issues
      Passionate about solving today’s most pressing problems and working to engage young people in this important agenda
    • Intellectually curious and able to have meaningful conversations with high-level individuals
      Experienced public speakers
      Culturally competent
    • Ability to work collaboratively with others
    • Talented writer, capable of digesting lots of information and quickly turning around blog posts, tweets, and newsletter articles to inform other youth on their experience
      Digitally engaged and tech-savvy, with a knack for communicating online in creative and effective ways
    • Most importantly they should have time and energy to spare as being a Youth Delegate in Italy!